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St John's Lent talks 2008, by the Revd. Keith Kimber

Christians are those who’ve listened to the story and teaching of Jesus Christ and decided to base their lives upon it. They are many different kinds of people from different cultures with different histories, with different ways of being disciples. What unites them is love for God’s world and for people, and their desire to seek and do God’s will, as they understand it.

The world is now very different from the one in which Jesus lived and taught. How can disciples of Christ today respond to issues which didn’t exist then, to questions which couldn’t have been asked until recently? Nuclear weapons, international terrorism, global warming, space travel, organ transplants, genetic coding, gender reassignment, secularisation, AIDS; for example.

There are no ready answers and Christians don’t always agree in understanding issues, let alone responding to them, but for all of them the attitude of faith offers a way to seek the truth, asking the right questions and working out the answers together. 

This course gives a brief survey of matters touching upon our lives as the 21st century gets under way, seeks to explore the meaning of faith in the future. 


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